Back to Wellness with Michelle Gomez

I believe, in this world, we were born into roles. There are those gifted with great natural abilities and while most are unaware, some of us are even in touch with those abilities. I say with conviction, Michelle Gomez is a healer. She is in touch with her abilities and has pursued her passion of placing her healing hands on those that suffer, guiding them back to wellness.

If you have ever suffered from allergies on an extreme level, you can relate to the feeling of frustration and exhaustion that has consumed me over the last several weeks in the Texas hill country. I have had no voice. I have a cough that simply won’t quit. Sleep is a distant memory.

I posted a sleep-deprived rant on Facebook. That was when Michelle Gomez of Michelle Gomez, Wellness Hub reached out to me. “Come in for lymphatic drainage therapy,” she offered. I was desperate. I dragged myself to her office in the Reimer Building, just off the downtown square.

I lay on her table. The air was infused with essential oils that soothed my respiration. I closed my eyes and listened to the combined sounds of fingers falling across piano keys and the heavy fall of rain. Michelle focused in silence as her skilled hands flitted over my face and neck, gently applying pressure and driving the drainage away from where it had culminated.

I thought of her hands as butterfly wings, they worked symmetrically at all times. Gently, down and up. My face was the blossom her hands did a dance on and I could feel myself opening up.

She cupped my ears and worked around them at pressure points. I could feel one open and heard a soft pop as it did so.

But what was the most remarkable part of my time on her table was that I did not cough. Not once. Typically, when I lower my head to sleep, I begin coughing harder and harder. This time I was able to breathe and fully relax.

Michelle invited me back a couple of days later for another session focused on my lungs. Another session without coughing, while she worked on my upper back and throat.

While I still cough, I feel an improved sense of being and am now curious to bring my daughter to her, as she struggles with reactive airway disease.

If you struggle with allergies, there may not be any total fix, but you can get a healthy amount of relief by visiting with Michelle Gomez-Wellness Hub.